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Try this love spell at home

Here is just a few examples of the spell work I can do to help you, white magic spells, rituals, love spells, soul mate spells, lunar magic, money spells, luck spells, business help, clearance spells ,exam success spells, , curses removed, energy blocks removed , and blessings. I use angel magic, earth magic, crystal magic, talisman magic, goddess magic and lunar magic mainly but other systems can be brought in if need be according to your personal situation.

Love spells, It is my belief that you need to be very careful when attempting love spells. Although I do carry out love spells for people I have, over many years perfected a method that is powerful but also safe. This does not force someone to come to you, that is a very dangerous area to meddle in! In my opinion those spells always come back at you.

So, the spells that I work will encourage your mate to have a rethink, and help to rekindle the love that you had, for reconciliation, for new love it may just be that someone needs a little helping hand to make an approach.

The spell below is a lovely gentle one, but it works! Force is not a nice thing and if we can work without it then that is much better! It is the way that I work anyway and so if you are looking to bring someone, come what may, then you are in the wrong place. I am sure that searching the web will find someone who will force things for you! But take good care.

Light a pink or red candle, which ever you prefer, pink for gentle love, red will bring more passion! During the waxing phase, the period from new moon through to full moon. Let your candle burn down and out after you have said the following.

Suitable for the waxing phase, from new moon to full moon.

From north or south or east or west,

Let him/her come who loves (your name) best.

I offer my heart so full of love,

Soon may we meet and fall in love.

If you have a certain person in mind, then add this next sentence in otherwise leave it out!

(If …………….is the one please show a sign,

If not the plea a soul mate find.)

I call upon the goddess to bring love divine.

As I want so may it be.

New spells may be added from time to time, but I am unable to give out others that do not appear here, or cast them for you free of charge.