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Here is just a few examples of the spell work I can do to help you, white magic spells, rituals, love spells, soul mate spells, lunar magic, money spells, luck spells, business help, clearance spells ,exam success spells, , curses removed, energy blocks removed , and blessings. I use angel magic, earth magic, crystal magic, talisman magic, goddess magic and lunar magic mainly but other systems can be brought in if need be according to your personal situation.

The spells that are listed here are all very simple and safe to do. The requirements are only a candle and paper, and other household items. This does not mean that they will not be effective. Sometimes simple spells are the best. It is your intent that really matters! I do not give out others apart from what is listed.

Below are some spells you might like to try at home. Click on each title to be taken to the spell.

Love Spell

Money Spell

Cleansing Spell

Communication Spell