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Alexia's Spell Casting and Ritual Work

Intensive Spell Casting Work by Alexia, powerful spells just £49 Existing clients only

I cast spells for current clients only. I no longer cast for others that I do not know. To be classed as a current client you will need to have had 2 readings with me from my website in the last year, previous spell work within the last 18 months or be a long term client from prediction days!

All of the spells I cast and all of the spells listed are my own custom spells, I cast what I feel has the highest chance of bringing your individual case the best chance of full success. My spells are very reasonably priced at just £49. I try to cast your spell on the same day that you book with me, but if it is late in the day it may be the next day before I can cast for you.

When you book your spell with me, I will need full details before proceeding to cast. This will include when we have worked together in the past (roughly) your full name, date of birth and the same for a partner/prospective partner if this is a love spell request or other people are involved in any way.

I always acknowledge your booking and then I cast it for you. Most of the time the spell casting will be the same day but if you book after 5pm then it will most likely be the next day. These spells are very powerful please ensure you have read all of my casting details before booking.They are unsuitable if you have already had 3 or more casts on the subject cast by someone else. 

They are all powerful spells but they are not dangerous in any way. My spell casting work involves white magic spells, rituals, love spells and soul mate spells. I have a very good success rate with my castings, and you can rest assured that all efforts and the strongest and most powerful spell will be cast for you. Please note long running reconciliation cases will need more than one spell 75% of the time

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