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Here is just a few examples of the spell work I can do to help you, white magic spells, rituals, love spells, soul mate spells, lunar magic, money spells, luck spells, business help, clearance spells ,exam success spells, , curses removed, energy blocks removed , and blessings. I use angel magic, earth magic, crystal magic, talisman magic, goddess magic and lunar magic mainly but other systems can be brought in if need be according to your personal situation.

You will need a small pot or jar of some sort, I use an old plain white coffee mug!

Tie small pieces of blue and yellow ribbon around it.

Write on a piece of paper the following;

"This is my jar of need not greed,

Please help my income to flow,

Blessed be."

Dab a drop of your favourite oil onto the paper

Place your piece of paper in the bottom of the cup or pot.

Place your pot somewhere safe or special, on your altar if you have one.

Whenever you have any copper coins in your change or even if you find one in the street drop it into the pot and as you do say,

"This is for my pot for need not greed"

Keep this up and the flow of money should come your way. Only you alone must put money in or touch the pot, if you take ANY out the spell is broken and you would need to start again.

When it is full you can either keep the money or give it to charity. I have found that giving it away increases the flow for the next go, the contents of my pot were recently emptied and given to charity!

This spell will not make you mega rich, but I have found that it increases the flow of money into your purse! Try it!