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Alexia's Spell Casting Services, UK Occultist and Spell Caster, Powerful Spells Just £49

Alexia's Spell Casting Services, For existing clients only. Online Occultist and Spell Caster, choose your powerful spell below. All my spells are very reasonably priced, my spells are just £49 excellent value spells cast for you. Powerful genuine spells cast with care by uk witch and occultist. Usually cast the same day if booked before 5pm. GMT/BST. My spells are just £49. All of the spells below can be booked from this website. Secure payment system for credit and debit cards.Please note I do not cast lottery spells.

Alexia's personal and customised spells for love, reconciliation, return a lover and love problems. Existing Clients Only. £49

My love spells cover all manner of situations, including returning your lover, bringing in a new lover, passion and lust spells, removal of third-party influences, gaining commitment from your lover, communication with your partner, and all manner of love/romance/relationship situations. Suitable for assisting in the repair of your broken relationship, or other breaking up scenarios. My love spells a powerful and hard-hitting but safe. Book Love spell Just £49

Alexia's personal and customised spells for lifes troubles, problems, clearances, curse removal and energy blocks removed £49

I can cast spells for all of life’s troubles, if you have a problem with moving forward with your life, if there is a need to remove negativity, if you feel that you have a curse placed upon yourself or your family, I can cast to remove energy blocks, my costings can also cover blocks and barriers to your happiness which can crop up in the love area, work area or even business area. If there is something stopping you from getting what you want then these spells are powerful and hit the target to give you the best chance of success. Book personal spell Just £49

Alexia's personal and customised spells for lifes benefits, luck, empowerment, new job, exam success, house sale, business help £49

I have a good range of positive spellcasting’s that are ideal for bringing benefits into your life, such as luck, empowerment spells, a spell to get a new job, a spell to help you through an interview, a spell to help you sell your house. Or even a spell to help your business grow. If you have a debt outstanding that can be eased with a spell cast as well. Lots of situations can be helped with these powerful spells. Book positive spell Just £49

Alexia's personal and customised spells for blessings, bringing calm, restoring friendships, empowerment, new friendships  £49

I can cast spells for blessings for people or properties, I can cast to help bring calm within the situation at work or at home, I can help with restoring friendships, empowering you in your life to move forward, helping to bring new friends if you feel a little lonely. Lots of these situations can be helped with a spell cast. There are custom spells available to if you do not see your exact spell listed. Book positive spell Just £49