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What are your readings like? And what are your aims?

I aim to provide genuine and positive guidance and advice, I am always non-judgemental, and I am happy to answer questions on any subject apart from health, pregnancy and death.

I want to ask questions that relate to other people, can this be done and do I have to include their details?

Yes , this is possible as long as it relates to yourself and is not purely based on the third party. I will require their details please, and the reading does need to be in relation to you.

Are you online all the time, and can I contact you at any time?

I am mostly online every day, the actual time does depend on my workload but I always try to reply to my clients quickly. If you have not had a reply from me within 48 hours it is just as well to resend your email or message to me. No offence will be taken, and this is due to the occasional e-mail going astray especially from the free e-mail companies and occasionally AOL. Although I am linked with Indigo star, it is not a company but a group of people who come together to work, so I do actually work alone for the vast majority of time, and as such I can get behind at times, which can cause delays in responses. if your need is very urgent I recommend that you mark the e-mail as urgent- that usually catches my eye!

Do you provide telephone contact?

No, I work on the Internet or by post but I do not provide a telephone number as I find that too much time gets taken up and that affects my clients workings/readings. I always respond to e-mail or postal contact though and find this works very well.

How long will I wait for a reading?

I aim to turn all readings around within 2-4 days at the moment. But I have been exceptionally busy this year and currently the time suggested is longer than it really will be as I like to aim for 48 hours turnaround if I can. Should there be any delays at the time of ordering I will notify you.

Can anyone ask for a spell with you?

No, I'm afraid not. The only spells that I do nowadays are those for my existing and current clients. I no longer have the time to cast series for people and I now cast powerful single cast spells for my clients at just £49. To qualify as an existing client you need to have had 2 readings from my website in the last year or had a cast with me in the last 18 months. Existing clients can include those who worked with me from prediction days too.

Which details are needed for spells?

I always need your full details, names and date of birth, and if this is a love spell request or another spell that involves another person I would also need the same details for that person if at all possible.As well as full background to your situation. A photograph of yourself is helpful but is not always essential. This can be sent as an attachment as long as I am aware you are sending it. Due to virus problems attachments that are unexpected can get deleted.

Are spells guaranteed to work?

Unfortunately it is impossible for any spell to be guaranteed to work, this is the case for a number of truths, but most obviously because we are dealing with forces outside our normal parameters, and as such we can only put the information forward, send and direct the required energy and ask for assistance and not demand it. A number of other factors also come in to the equation, and this also includes the client's own actions and deeds whilst and after the spells are cast. You will find a great number of websites that do promise to guarantee spell work, by all means take your chances with them, but the same universal rules do apply despite what some people say.

What about free spells?  or spells that are guaranteed  to work in 24 hours?

In truth there is no such thing, I have heard this from many people over many years. The spell work that you ask me to carry out for you needs to be paid for as the items are expensive and it takes up a lot of my time. This is why ask you to make sure that you are completely certainly you wish to proceed before ordering. I will give you a realistic and honest evaluation of your situation, and I will work to the highest levels to achieve full success for you. If this is not what you want to hear then I do suggest you approach one of the people that promise a money back guarantee, but take it with a pinch of salt and then if you do get refunded it will be a bonus! In truth there is little in the way of true guarantees. A little like visiting a chiropractor!

How long do spells take to work?

Some spells work within a couple of days, but more correctly you can expect the whole manifestation period to be up to 12 weeks. Most of the time you will see a result before this, apart from very long running cases and things that have been worked on for many months or sometimes even years. In which case it is unrealistic to expect somebody else to be able to change it within a few days.. It is impossible to predict exactly how long spells take to work but the majority of my clients see results at least starting to appear within three to five weeks. please ask me if you're in any doubt.

Do I have to do anything?

no, with thesingle casts there is no work for you to do. 

How often can I e-mail you?

I do have an e-mail policy for fair contact but its very rare that I have had to ask anyone to slow down a little! I find that the vast majority of my clients fall way within expected amounts of e-mails. This policy is only really due to the fact that I have to actually get on and cast your spell and carry out my readings and if I am constantly providing a "pen pal" service to clients then it detracts from everyone's workings, which is not ideal. I am always pleased to hear from my clients with genuine comments and updates/news, and I actively encourage that. On the very rare occasion  that any one does exceed acceptable amounts of e-mail they are  kindly asked to keep messages to a minimum and send all updates/news through in one go.

what is your success rate?

I have helped many people over many years, and have a large client base with people coming back for further help when they need it. My success rate is currently around 86% and this obviously goes up and down according to new cases. However I do maintain a high level because I do not take on the case I do not feel I can help with.

I am having spells cast by someone else, will this work along side your work?

I usually prefer to know if workings have or are being completed by someone else, it does not affect my work, but in one off spells it can affect what I prepare for you.  I have worked hand-in-hand with many practitioners both on the Internet and in the real world with great success over a long period. I normally find that if it is for the same reason, using safe and ethical magic and will be no problem. But if in doubt please ask.