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Everybody dreams. Although not everyone remembers them. Lots of people will say that they don’t dream at all or very rarely. This is not the case, it is really a case of everyone dreaming but not everyone remembering them!

Simply because you do not remember your a dream does not mean that you did not dream. We dream on average of one or two hours every night. And we often even have 6 or 7 dreams in one night. Five minutes after the dream ends we have lost half of the content and after ten minutes we have forgotten nearly all of it or approx 90%. The best way to go about it if you really want to work with your dreams is to have a notebook beside your bed. I have personally channelled lots of information that I know would be really helpful during the time between a waking state and dream time only to forget the lot when I come to properly!

Your mind during dream time has access to information that is not always readily available to you when you are awake. You may find that your dreams may reveal your secret hopes and desires and subconscious feelings.

You are really the best person to interpret your dreams, but it can be done for you. My personal opinion is that a dream directory is not a lot of good, in fact I feel they can worry people. I feel that your own intuition will provide the answers. When I interpret a dream for someone I use a method that I was taught many years ago. It is totally different to the modern approach, but I have found it to be very helpful and accurate.

If you would like me to look at a dream for you, you can order using my secure system. I will need a full account of the dream and any people in it, any colours, places and animals. How you felt at the time and if it was relevant to the few days before.

If you would simply like to interpret it yourself I can help you to find a starting point (free of charge) for you to do the rest, just contact me using the form on this page and I will email you back.

To order dream analysis please contact me