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Alexias Spells for Current Clients Only, just £49

I cast spells for current clients only. I no longer cast for others that I do not know. This is important as I am offering a very special price for these one off castings and this is why I am limiting the casts to my CURRENT clients only. If you know me from having castings years ago please do get in touch and if i can find your details in my long term file then you will be covered under my current client promise.

Otherwise to be classed as a current client you will need to have had 2 readings with me from my website in the last year. 

All of the spells I cast and all of the spells listed are my own custom spells, I cast what I feel has the highest chance of bringing you full success. My spells are very reasonably priced at £49. I try to cast your spell on the very same day that you book with me, but if it is late in the day it may be the next day before I can cast for you.

When you book your spell with me, I will need full details before proceeding to cast. This will include when you had the readings with me (roughly) your full name, date of birth and the same for a partner/prospective partner if this is a love spell request. If you have any photos of you both that will also be a great help and often gives an extra boost to your spell and higher chance of full success. 

I always acknowledge your booking and then I cast it for you. Most of the time the spell casting will be the same day but if you book after 5pm then it will most likely be the next day. These spells are very powerful please ensure you have read all of my casting details before booking.They are unsuitable if you have already had 3 or more casts on the subject elsewhere. 

These spells are all very powerful but they are not dangerous in any way. My spell casting work involves white magic spells, rituals, love spells and soul mate spells. I have a very good success rate with my castings, and you can rest assured that all efforts and the strongest and most powerful spell will be cast for you.

To ASK me about a spell please click here current/Existing clients only. To BOOK a spell now Click here current/Existing clients only

It is also important to state that in all honesty no spell casting or magical work can be 100% guaranteed to manifest to your exact requirements. But my work will give you all my efforts and experience over many years, and I always take your work seriously and handle it with great care and attention to detail.

t is also important to state that in all honesty no spell casting or magical work can be 100% guaranteed to manifest to your exact requirements, no matter who casts the spell. A lot of the spell casters like to lead people to believe that it can, and people buy into this, but the truth of the matter is that it is impossible to guarantee an outcome. Although I have a very high success rate I was make it clear from the start that if it is guaranteed spell work you are looking for then I would like you to move on right now and try your luck with one of the others that does offer this. Over many years I have seen websites come and go, some of them actually run by students as a part-time income, and not with any experience of spellcasting at all, and certainly not any knowledge of what it takes to be a witch/occultist/spell caster. These ones simply disappear when they’ve had enough clients nagging them to stand up and honour their guarantees and actually make the spells work. 

My guarantee to you is that I will do all in my power to get you a quick and positive result from your spell. I will let you know when I have cast your spell, usually that is the same day if you are able to place your order before 5 PM GMT/BST. After that I may still be able to make my preparations in time, but I cannot guarantee the same Day service. However, your spell will then be cast the very next day. I will email you to let you know when your spell is cast, and I will email again once it has been cast to let you know that it has been fully completed for you. Your case will be dealt with full confidentiality as well as compassionately, I know that this is bound to be a worrying or upsetting time in your life and you are looking for help and support to be able to turn this to your advantage. I make sure that I include all of your details in your casting, and the more information that you can give me to put into the spell cast the better, accurate and more powerful it will be. My spells are of a professional nature, and a white witch as well as an occultist and I will do all in my power to get you a successful outcome as quickly as possible. I have many years of experience and many returning clients, I don’t believe in papering over the cracks or leading people up the garden path, that will only give you false hope and waste your time and money. I will be truthful with you about your situation and the outcome you can expect if you get in touch first before booking, although its fine if you know you definitely want to go ahead regardless and make your spell booking without contacting me. 

I provide an honest and genuine spellcasting service using methods and traditions that have been passed down to me, all my work is on a one-to-one basis, I do not cast in groups or batches and all of my spells are tailored for your individual needs. Everyone deserves equal and individual attention, and that is what you will get with my powerful spells. Please be honest with me on your booking form so that I know everything that needs to be covered within your spell cast, and that way between us we have the strongest chance of bringing you full success. Most spells have a higher chance of being successful then they do of failing once cast properly and professionally, but it is essential in the planning stages that you are completely honest with me about the details and background. I’m very experienced in these matters and I will not be shocked by what you tell me. I most likely have heard it all before, and although everyone’s personal situation is different to some degree, most of the thoughts feelings and actions/reactions that have brought you to this point are the same.

Once I have cast a spell I am unable to refund for it, so please check that you really do wish to go ahead before placing your booking. Should you change your mind before I actually cast your spell then I can issue a refund, but not after the spell is prepared or cast..

PLEASE NOTE; I will not undertake any workings for revenge, dark magic, or to interfere with someone in a stable relationship.

* I am unable to issue a refund once a spell booking has been prepared, if you are in doubt please email me first!