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Alexia's Cleansing Spell

Cleansing bath spell.

Here is just a few examples of the spell work I can do to help you, white magic spells, rituals, love spells, soul mate spells, lunar magic, money spells, luck spells, business help, clearance spells ,exam success spells, , curses removed, energy blocks removed , and blessings. I use angel magic, earth magic, crystal magic, talisman magic, goddess magic and lunar magic mainly but other systems can be brought in if need be according to your personal situation.


This work needs to be done in stages. If you follow these instructions through you should find that it will help you to gain freedom from negative emotions, guilt, blocks and bad memories from the past, enabling you to have a more positive future.


The first part of this spell requires you to carry out a ritual cleansing of your mind and body, during this you will start to release the bonds and problems that are holding you to the past.

This is what you will need to do;

Run a bath at your normal comfortable temperature. While the hot water is running put enough salt to cover the palm of your open hand, into the water. (No bubble bath or oil etc.)

When you have the temperature just right get into your bath, spend at least 10 minutes soaking in the water. Then start to wash your self. Wash all over your body three times all the time you are doing this think about how you want to release past hurts and move forward. When you have rinsed yourself off fully get out and wrap a towel around yourself. Dry yourself off lightly but remain in your towel for now. Whilst you watch ALL of the water go down the plug hole. See all your negative ties going out with the water. As the last of the water goes down the drain say this line

"I am empowered, I am cleansed, I am positive, blessed be"

Next dry yourself and then sit down comfortably dressed to write out a list of all the things firstly that are good in your life followed by the good things you wish to draw. Further down the same page write a list of all the outdated things that you would like to change, include in this list the names of any people who you would rather not be in contact with. (this will not harm them in any way)

Tear or cut the list in two putting the positive attributes under your pillow and tear the negative list up and flush it down the toilet or burn it. If you are able to flush it away, or put it into a moving body of water this is preferable, but some people prefer to set light to the corner and burn it!

You have now started the flow of the positive energy and dismissed the negative energy.

This only needs to be done once, but if you want to repeat it that will be fine!